Active things to do while in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the capital and largest city in the Netherlands. It is a lively city of tolerance and diversity. Amsterdam is known as the place where you can buy your marijuana at a coffee shop and prostitution is legal. If you travel to Amsterdam for pleasure or business you undoubtedly want to get familiar with all of the fascinating sights, attractions and experiences this city has to offer you. And you should! However, drinking, devour what is offered in the local cuisine and hanging around in museums is not the recipe to stay fit and healthy during your visit.

Tourist Gym encourages you to get off the beaten track, see what you can do in Amsterdam while staying fit and enjoying activities that will make you experience Amsterdam the way the locals do. Here are our golden tips on active things to do while in Amsterdam:

Sports Events

Amsterdam hosts many big sports events throughout the year. The Color Run, Amsterdam City Swim, NextGen Games, Electric Run, Friday Night Skate, Amsterdam Pizza Run are just a few of those sport events that you will find in this active city. They are extreme fun to participate in and it is a great way to meet the locals and enjoying new company while staying fit.
Check the following link to see what is happening during your stay in Amsterdam: This page is available in English. You will see Amsterdam sport events do not just run in the summer, but any time of year.

Vondelpark activities

The Vondelpark is Amsterdam’s most popular park. It is like Amsterdam’s Central Park. It attracts thousands of residents, tourists and sport fanatics every day.
What makes the park fun is all the activities that take place in it from pregnancy yoga to running teams and from thai chi to frisbee. This gives the park a lovely, cozy atmosphere.

The Vondelpark has asphalt roads and small forest roads which make it suitable for training. The park is just 1,9 km / 1,1 mile long and just over 300 meter / 325 yard wide. That makes it perfect to plan a flexible workout.

Stand Up Paddle or SUP

It originated in Hawaii, but this trend has now also reached Amsterdam. SUP is even available on the canals. Enjoy sub courses, paddle lessons, sup tours, sup yoga pilates or trips around Amsterdam. We think this is a unique way to combine a full body work out with pleasure.

Navigate yourself around town on a bicycle

For foreigners it can be a bit incomprehensive, but cycling is the most logical way to get from A to B for the locals. Amsterdam has 800.000 inhabitants and just over 900.000 bicycles. About 40% of all trips are done on bicycles.
Amsterdam’s 17th century city center is not designed to accommodate cars or public transport. Especially the narrow streets and canals are hard to navigate by car, but perfect for pedestrians and cyclists. Since it is a small and packed city the bicycle is the perfect way to get around.

For visitors the bicycle is an attractive and adventurous way to explore the city and surroundings. The bicycle is often faster and cheaper than public transport and you can easily combine different activities.
Rent a bike for just a couple of euro a day. Bicycle rentals can be found in all parts of the city especially around Central Station, Leidse Plein and Dam square. You can often rent a bicycle for as little as 3 hours or a whole week. The average rent rate per day is 8 euro.
There are many different types of bicycles for rent: tandems, children’s bikes, e-bikes etc. You don’t event necessarily have to stay on the road. You could also rent a water bike and explore the famous Amsterdam canals on the water.

When renting a bike you will find most rental companies and the tourist information points will sell maps with biking routes. You don’t necessarily need them, but if you know you are not the navigation king of the road they might come in handy.

Ice skating in wintertime

If the temperature can drop to -4 C for a couple of nights you are in luck! As soon as this happens the Amsterdam canals will transform into winter wonderland. Boat traffic will be blocked from certain canals and ice skates are all of sudden mandatory for all locals. Join them on the famous historical canals.
Alternately, should you be there in wintertime but there is no snowflake in sight you can turn to one of the ice rinks in the city center. You will typically find one on Leidse Plein in the city center.

Gyms and fitness

Obviously the best wat to stay fit during your holiday is to go to a local gym, join a group lesson around the corner from your hotel or find a local personal trainer.

Click here to search for gyms, lessons, classes and personal trainers near your hotel. The advantage is that you will not need a membership if you book through this link. You simply have the option to purchase a day pass or short membership.

These are our tips on what to do in Amsterdam to stay fit. We hope you found them useful.

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Stay fit in Amsterdam

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Find a gym or fitness club near your hotel and book your day pass today.

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