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Finding the best gym and fitness clubs in Amsterdam is hard. Finding a gym or fitness club in Amsterdam when travelling is even harder! Gym memberships are the most common sold product at gyms around the world. Besides memberships we know little to nothing on alternative ways to visit the gym. In Amsterdam there are lots of gyms around that will suit your needs, but there are not many that will let you use their facilities if you do not have a gym membership. Please let us break down the most common options you have for visiting a gym in Amsterdam:

Year round Gym Membership

Usually gyms in Amsterdam charge for a full year membership. Prices can range from as much as 11 euro to 250 euro per month provided you sign up for a year. All gyms have their own unique features, target audience and facilities, so expect the facilities to match the price.
Having a year round gym membership is great. It allows you to train year round with the trainers you like at a fixed location that is familiar. It is often also the cheapest option available at the gym.
Year round membership are great for gyms because they offer them some kind of financial security, but nowadays we live in an era where serving the needs of the customer is key to success. Therefore it is odd that gyms are still holding on to their old fashioned membership system.

Half year round Gym Membership

Some people are simply not able to commit to a year round gym membership. Think about the travellers and expats for example. Alternatively to the year round gym membership more and more gyms are now also offering half year memberships to accommodate those who are simply unable or unwilling to make this commitment.

Gym day pass

In Amsterdam there are a few gyms that offer day passes to tourists. Booking directly at a gym can be quite costly. Gym day passes usually go for a rate of 20 euro per person. This is where Tourist Gym comes in really handy! Simply search for gyms nears your hotel that suit your need and book your day pass, individual lesson or short term membership at the best rates. Expect to pay between 7 and 15 euro per day pass. Search here for the full selections of gyms associated with Tourist Gym.

Most people lose their work out regime as soon as they leave their city or country. Simply because almost no gyms or fitness clubs offer you the opportunity to work out just for one time. We truly hope that through this service of Tourist Gym gym membership will be a thing of the past. Let’s make gyms accessible to anyone!

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