Benefits of for your Gym

  1. helps your gym to increase your revenues.
  2. provides you a wide variety of customers, since these customers are located all over the world.
  3.  It is free for your gym to register on
  4. helps to increase the utilization of the capacity of your gym at moments when the utilization is low.
  5. takes care of administrative work for the registration of your clients, so that you need to take little or no effort to provide access to your clients.
  6. is able to give your gym global branding.

How does work for your Gym?

  1.  Customer books your gym via the platform of
  2. Your gym receives a confirmation by email.
  3. Customer arrives at your gym and identifies himself by means of his ticket-code and identification.
  4. Your gym confirms the code by filling it in the client check-out page. Check the corresponding customer details that  pops up. The customer gets access to your gym.
  5. At month-end your gym receives the sum of all the customer payments of the previous month on  your bank account.


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