What You Need To Know About Kickboxing as a Means of Staying Fit

Regardless of your body goals, kickboxing caters to all your body health and fitness goals. It is a combination of boxing and karate, whereby one should strike using the knees and elbows. This cardio workout is slowly gaining favor among the people because it provides variety such as: -Dance elements -Cardio exercising -Martial artsThis makes it flexible in terms of helping you achieve whichever body goal you have, and it maintains your interest. In addition to this, it links to meditation, which is beneficial to mental and physical health. Mindfulness helps reduce stress levels, which simultaneously strengthens the body’s immunity. This sheds light on the close link between mental and physical health.

The Art of Kickboxing

Kickboxing involves three intense actions, namely:
1. Core strengthening- The core includes the lower back muscles and the abs. A full kickboxing workout helps in strengthening the core of the body. A strong core helps build up your body endurance and stamina. This will help you tone your body and increase your mobility.

2. Kicking- Combining kicks also help improve your lower body strength. Warm up by stretching your muscles to increase your flexibility and mobility. Then proceed by making air kicks. As you progress, you could move to kicking pads or heavy bags. Promote endurance by increasing the intensity of each kick or increasing the time.

3. Punching- This could incorporate the use of pads or heavy bags. Combining punches for a period will improve your upper body strength and your heart rate. For example, combining punches such as a quick jab and a hook punch would help strengthen your shoulders, chest and upper arms.

Benefits of a Kickboxing Regimen

– It is dynamic. Kickboxing is not similar to a normal workout regimen, even in terms of results. This makes it appealing to people who lose interest fast.
– It is intense. This makes it highly effective in terms of results. In addition, it helps in building up your endurance, especially if you consistently attend the lessons.
– It is a full-body workout. Normal exercise regimens seek to focus on a body part a day routine. Kickboxing, on the other hand, is a combination of two intense sports, which are karate and boxing. This combination helps build up both upper and lower body strength, simultaneously.
Are you up for the challenge? If you are then you will need to incorporate the following tips into your daily kickboxing regimen.

Seven Effective Kickboxing Tips

  1. Establish your personal goal
    Before embarking on any exercise regimen, it is essential that you establish long-term goals. What do you want to take away or achieve from the experience? This will guide you on the steps to take as you go through your regimen. Start out by outlining your capabilities and goals. You could categorize your goals into long-term and short-term goals. These will help you track your progress and stay motivated. This will also help you narrow down on the appropriate kickboxing class, that will help you achieve your needs. Some goals such as real fighting will need you to seek the help of a personal trainer. They will help you in terms of fighting techniques.
  2. Settle on the right class or instructor
    Once you establish your abilities and goals, you will need to consult on the available kickboxing classes. You could ask kickboxing teachers, read some online reviews about some classes, or attend a class for observation purposes. This will help you determine which class you are most comfortable. You could even consult a former professional fighter who has the appropriate certification, to help you in finding the right class, or as a personal instructor.
  3. Stick to what your body can handle
    Before joining a new sport, you should consult your doctor, especially for persons who suffer from chronic ailments such as obesity, asthma, and even diabetes. It would be in your best interest to seek the guidance of a doctor before embarking on kickboxing. It is an intense regimen, which might stretch your limits. Therefore, it would be beneficial to seek the input of your doctor on how much your body s willing to handle.
  4. Purchase the appropriate gear
    Some kickboxing classes require their students to have some specific gear such s headgear, ankle supporters, and even boxing gloves. Aim for loose and absorbent clothing that would provide comfort. A small towel or water bottle would be handy.
  5. Eat well
    Since kickboxing is more intense in comparison to normal workouts, you will require having enough energy to sustain a session. Make sure that your diet contains sufficient amounts of carbohydrates. These energy-giving foods will maintain your energy and oxygen levels throughout the workout. Additionally, stick to consuming foods that take longer to digest such as sweet potatoes and beans, among others. Take note that hydration is also important before and after a strenuous workout.
  6. Meditation is part of the process
    Kickboxing goes hand-in-hand with mindfulness. Meditation boosts focus and helps you work on your reaction time. Having a presence of mind before embarking on any kickboxing class will help your performance. Try having some personal time, right before you embark on a session. Yoga would be a good option as it supports stretching. Body stretching is necessary as it helps with flexibility and mobility of the body. You could incorporate this as part of your warm-up exercises.
  7. Consistency and fun
    Most kickboxing students fail to remember that the classes are not tournaments. Pushing yourself to the limit will help you achieve your fitness goals; however, having fun will help you remain consistent. If you have fun during these classes, your chances of relapsing or losing interest become slim.

All the aforementioned techniques will help you stay fit with kickboxing. Additionally, there are companies such as Tourist Gym, which could provide some insight on kickboxing techniques and classes in Amsterdam.

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