How to make exercise a habit

Some of us struggle with the bear thought of working out. Some of us tend to think of themselves as a gym machine whereas the truth is far from it. Some of us actually have the discipline to keep the work out regime, week in week out, no excuses. Being able to do this is simply a mind set you need to acquire. Without it you will not succeed in achieving your goals in the gym. And whatever your goals in the gym might be, making exercising a habit is something that has little to do with the gym itself.

At Tourist Gym we would like to give you some tips and tricks on how to make exercise part of your daily routine and a habit for life. Follow, breath and live by these rules and change the way you will look and feel for the rest of your life.

Make exercise a priority

This is the most simple rule of all. If you can’t say you are planning on making exercise a priority you are never going to make exercising a habit. Ask yourself if you can truly make working out a priority and if you are willing to make concessions for it. Making exercise a priority means you will set other things aside to be able to work out. You will make compromise to be able to continue your work out regime and progress. Although it might be the most simple rule of all, it can also be the hardest. Don’t make exercise come in second place, make it a priority and the rest will follow naturally.

Set a time for yourself

Setting a fixed time for yourself will help you to keep the workout regime alive. Most people might not be a morning person, but you would be surprised on what your body is able to do after it gets a good work out in the morning. Working out in the morning might be the worst or the best thing you have ever done for yourself! Don’t knock it till you tried it.
Alternatively a great time to go to the gym is on your way home from work. If you make it a habit to get right on it while you are still in the rush of work you program your brain to use exercise as a way to clear your head and focus on you before you head back home and close off the day. Now you might think that both of these times will not work for you because you might to tired. The trick is to challenge yourself at such a time and feel how exercise will energise your body.
Setting a fixed time to work out is the key to making exercising a habit and to program your brain that this will be part of your daily routine.

What are your goals?

What is it you want to gain from your new habit? Do you want to lose weight, have a fit body, build muscles? Think about what your achievements will be and what the goal is to this new habit you are trying to create. Having a goal in mind will set the horizon to which you will be working towards. Make sure to constantly evaluate these goals and set new ones. This will give you a great motivation to keep working out over time!

Be aware of progress

Following progress can be done by an activity log, agenda or whatever way you would like to write down and log your workouts and achievement. But what you should really nurture is the physical and mental effect you notice these work outs have on you. Focus on the way you feel on short and long term after the work out. Notice your clothing fits better. Be aware of your physical well being and how it progressed over time now you are working out! Make sure to grap a moment whenever you can to realise what the progress in the gym has done for you and your body. Enjoy that feeling and make sure to keep relating this feeling to your new work out regime.

Make it enjoyable

Some self knowledge will get you a long way. Are you the type of person who will need to bite into one specific type of sport or exercise? Are you the type that gets distracted easily? Do you enjoy the gym better if a friend joins you? Acknowledging what you want and need and anticipating to this feeling will give you much better results in the long run. Make sure to keep yourself motivated by making your exercises as enjoyable as you possibly can. Easily bored during a work out? Make sure to bring your best form of entertainment. Not being able to commit to 1 work out for a longer period of time? Make sure to mix thing up and try different group classes! There is literally a solution for all of it and therefore no excuse!

Make sure to have your gear and outfit somewhere visible in the house

Keep your workout clothes and gear somewhere visible in the house . This will help you give a visual reminder to yourself. It is a small tip, but it gives a great impact because unconsciously you will observe and associate it with your exercise habit program. Give it a try!


Commit to the tips and tricks above and you will be able to make exercise a habit. Once you have it in your daily schedule you will notice you will never get to go without. It is the greatest gift you can give yourself. We wish you good luck and hope to hear about your progress!

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Make exercise a habit

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