Too cold to go jogging? These trendy sports are the solution!

Oh yes, it's that time of the year again. With a temperature of minus 10 degrees Celsius nobody wants to go outside. But this does not mean that we can not continue our progress!

If the cold winter weather prevents you from putting on your sports shoes, it is about time for you to pick up a sporting activity that you can also practice indoors. Those who are still looking for a new leisure activity that is a bit more original and spicier than Zumba, will undoubtedly find it here!

Weightlifting to music – Body Pump

Anyone who likes to work with weights but who prefers not to be bored on his own with dumbbells, will undoubtedly become intrigued by Body Pump. With this intensive strength training you train all important muscle groups of your body, build up your stamina and burn a good dose of calories. Each session consists of a fixed training program with free weights and dumbbells performed on uplifting music. Although this strength training is also suitable for beginners, it requires some perseverance from the practitioner: one hour of squats, presses and lifts without weighting is after all pretty spicy for a novice, let alone WITH weights …

If you are interested in these group fitness classes, you can go to beautifull places such as the Beach Box Gym in IbizaKB Gym in Hamburg , Crossfit in Torremolinos  and many more! . Almost every center with a wide range of group lessons now offers Body Pump.

Yoga poses in the air – Aerial yoga

Everyone has undoubtedly rolled out a yoga mat in the past few years and has been seduced into a session of yin yoga, vinyasa yoga or power yoga. Yogis who want to go a step further, can also perform their yoga poses in the air with aerial yoga. This yoga form, introduced for the first time in Belgium last year, is carried out with the aid of a hammock made of parachute fabric and offers the practitioner a little more challenge. In this way you are able to assume poses that you can not possibly achieve from the ground, you have to adjust your focus more and your muscles are activated even more to keep your balance. Would it also be suitable for the awkward of us?

Not all yoga centers already offer aerial yoga, but have a look at our great friends of Mimisma Fitness and Dance in the lovely Valencia for example!

Trampoline jumping to music – Swiss Jump or Ubound

Karen Damen, John Crombez and Goedele already ventured into the television program ‘Perfect’, with the necessary laughter for the viewers as a result, and now Ubound or Swiss Jump has become a true trend in fitness land. For one hour you bounce on a trampoline, an exhausting cardio workout in which you reportedly burn a good dose of calories. This fitness trend would also hardly burden the tendons and joints because the trampoline absorbs the shocks. Ideal for everyone who is secretly overwhelmed by jealousy watching his children on the trampoline and is prepared to work up a sweat.  

This fitness form is already well established in Europe, but the large fitness centers usually do not offer the lessons. On the website Swissjump you will find addresses in your turn!

Pirouettes, battements and pliés – ballet for adults

After the launch of the movie ‘Black Swan’, workouts at the barre became extremely popular, because suddenly ballet proved to be the ideal way to achieve a streamlined body. However, the film also released long-gone memories. Many girls once dreamed of becoming a ballerina, but saw that dream never come true in childhood. Fortunately you are never too old to learn, because many dance schools now offer ballet lessons for adult beginners. If you are looking forward to your enthusiasm, if you immediately see yourself as a real ballerina on the floor. Ballet is insanely difficult. You can praise yourself more than happy if you can finally make a pirouette after a few weeks of practice.

Have a look for a dance school close to your accomodation!

Combat sports techniques to music – Body Combat or Kimax

Cardio training inspired by martial arts like karate, boxing, taekwondo, tai chi … have been quite popular in recent years. Especially after several models of Victoria’s Secret swear to such training to prepare for the fashion show of the year. And that does not really have to be surprising to anyone, because whoever does not seem to be a big fan of sultry dance steps à la zumba and prefers to embrace his tough side, will undoubtedly find something to his taste here. Do not expect right away that after these classes you will become a merciful judoka or boxer, but you will absolutely be completely satisfied, sweaty and with kinking knees leaving the mats.  

Are you interested in these group fitness classes? Have a look at one of our affiliated gyms here!

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